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Camera Doctor

Service/Repair Policy



Camera Doctor will gladly service and repair your camera equipment, which includes new and/or vintage cameras and lenses with the understanding that not all cameras can be brought back to good working order. Some cameras may not be worth repairing due to the cost of the repairs when compared with the value of the camera at the time, the availability of parts that are no longer being manufactured, located, or reworked. this can make it difficult to properly repair certain cameras brought to Camera Doctor. All evaluations, however, will be done a case by case basis.


If your equipment has any impact damage due to shock, water/saltwater moisture damage, or severe sand (beach and/or desert) damage it may be considered B.E.R. (beyond economical repair) or can be very costly to clean, service or repair. You will be notified of this prior to the repair so you can make an educated decision on whether it is worth it to move forward with your repair request.


If you have lenses that have fungus or coating damage:

There is the possibility that we may not be able to clean it up 100%. If the lens barrel is out of round, it may not be possible to disassemble the lens for cleaning.


If you have a camera that has “bellows”:

Not all bellows can be patched. The repair may require that custom bellows be made and installed. Payment will be required in advance for all custom orders. Installation is a separate fee. You will be notified, before any work is performed, of any additional costs for this type of situation, repair/custom job.


All equipment will be evaluated and you will be given a cost estimate based upon our initial evaluation of what appears to be the problem. Upon further inspection, if we see there is additional work that needs to be performed, we reserve the right to amend our initial estimate to account for the additional work that is required. You will be notified of any additional work that needs to be performed prior to the work being done, and you will also be given an amended estimate. You, the customer, may incur a “refused estimate bench time fee” if you choose not to fix your equipment or if it is B.E.R. ( beyond economical repair).


A “refused estimate bench time fee” is:

A fee that will be charged for the time spent evaluating your equipment. That cost will vary based on the item.


As long as you, the customer, understand all the variables involved, Camera Doctor will do their best to bring your vintage camera equipment back to life. so that you can enjoy the pleasure of capturing images on film again.


Thank you, Camera Doctor


Camera Doctor is an independently, Veteran owned and operated business.


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